The Review Process

The Review Process is an essential tool in our quest for quality journalism based on the latest research and science in the field. A review team is comprised of three different experts in health, wellness, corporate culture or writing, who provide the blueprint for revision to bring the highest quality opinions and individual industry leading voices to our readers. The anonymous review process (both authors and reviewers’ identities are masked) seeks to answer the following questions (among others): Is it industry leading? Is it well written and well researched? Does it ahere to or enhance our goals (i.e. quality journalism)? Does it bring something new to the debate?

Only those articles deemed to reach these high standards are published.

Reviewers Issue 08Synergy and the Future (Past)

Picture of David Swatling

David Swatling

David moved from New York to Amsterdam in 1985. He spent 25 years as a reporter and producer for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, winning numerous international awards. Since retiring in 2010, he has published his first novel, "Calvin's Head", and is busy working on his second in the series.

Picture of David Slack

David Slack

From globally recognised brands, to launching new brands to market, David works closely with clients and colleagues to uncover ownable stories, craft unique identities and build thoughtful design systems positioned for success. David has led teams at both branding and advertising agencies and is now creative lead at Dephion - a pioneering digital agency within the Health & Wellbeing sector.

Picture of Otto Figge

Otto Figge

Otto has approximately 15 years commercial service experience in a corporate and an administrative environment, both nationally and internationally. Before starting at Dephion, he gained an extra 10 years experience as a Senior Consultant in the field of Human Resources. He has worked for many different organizations, such as The World Health Organization, Rituals, the European Commission and Bayer Healthcare. His passion lies in leadership development, capability review and coaching.

Picture of Lucka Bibic

Lucka Bibic

Lucka received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from UEA (UK) and was working with the Naked Scientists (University of Cambridge) and BBC5 Live as a science producer. She has lectured on a science communication podcast and led the winning start-up team on the national entrepreneurship competition. Her research focuses on digital methods for educating and engaging people on chronic health conditions. Her passion lies at the intersection of research and science communication for gamified virtual reality platforms. Prior to joining Dephion, Lucka was a science writer and corresponding editor for the American Chemical Society where she still serves as a peer-reviewer.

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